Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my Sister's birthday! I hate being so far away from her, especially on special days and holidays. So I was sad we had another birthday day apart. BUT when I called her to wish her a happy birthday we ended up making plans for me to come down and visit her in March!!!  I am so excited, she is so excited, and we cannot wait! We talked about all our favorite movies we needed to watch, making birthday cake, the food we needed to make - like homemade raviolis, and all the other sister things we could not wait to do. My Sister is my absolute best friend and confidante. She is one of the strongest, inspiring, creative, and helpful people I know. My Sister has always been one of my biggest role models and someone I always strive to make proud. Now that we are both in our 20s people have been asking if we are twins, I could not think of a bigger compliment!!! She is already my partner in crime I would be honored to be her twin as well! She has always been there for me and now I am happy to be there for her when she needs me. And who doesn't need some quality sister time!?! I know I do! I am incredibly grateful for all the friends my Sister has made in North Carolina who could be there yesterday to celebrate with her when we could not. Thank you to everyone who loves and appreciates my sister as much as I do! I cannot wait to see you Dear Sister of mine! Happy Birthday and here's to many more adventures together!!

My Sister's best friend invited her over to celebrate her birthday with their whole family. They even made her a cake!!! 

I love you and our adventures so much! Whether we are exploring your city....

Getting fancy for the USMC Ball...

Taking a French cooking class...


Keeping it old school and falling asleep talking late at night...

I love all our adventures big and small! Happy Birthday to the best Sister a girl could ever ask for!


I can't wait to give your presents to you!!!! :) 

Happy Birthday!!

--Always Amelia 

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