Sunday, February 19, 2017

Picnic Sunday

Today the weather was just too perfect to stay indoors so I asked the puppies if they would like a picnic lunch......they said YES!
Oh boy a picnic lunch!!!!! 
This sure is yummy! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres is a great chef 
Picnic lunches are the best 
I am pretty messy now 
We are too! 
Sometimes I like to stand inside the bowl 
That way I am extra messy 
I think we need some help cleaning up 
Cause I have food everywhere 
OH MOMMY!!!!!!!!!  
Here I come! 
Oh you guys are messy! 
And you left a little food in the bowl 
Mommy, You eat the food.....while we get some milk! 
We are a great clean up crew aren't we? 
Let me show you how to properly clean the bowl 
That's right 
Clean all the way around the bowl 
You got it!!!
And now I will make sure you are all nice and clean 
That was a great picnic 
Delicious too! 
Hey Austin, here is a super messy kiss for you! 
Come on puppies 
There's only one thing left to do 
Gather round 
Time for a little nap 
and maybe a few more kisses 
One for you  
and one for you! 
Good little picnic puppies!!!!

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