Monday, February 27, 2017

My How We Have Grown

Nutmeg's Doodle Puppies have turned into little explorers this week.  They have really been enjoying the spring-like weather and have had so much fun exploring the great big outdoors.
Alright!  Time to explore! 
Where should we go? 
You take the left and you take the right....I will cover the rear 

Got it!

I think I need back up

I am here!

Alright let's go!

Don't forget me! 
I am coming too!

Ready for take off 
We found Bri! 
Thank you for the new toys 
This is fun 

I found a pig 
We want to see! 
I found a mountain to climb

Kisses break!
Hey, That doesn't taste like strawberry!

Let's find another adventure 
I have an idea

Let's play with the cat!

He loves puppy kisses! 
That cat is too much fun! 
Double Chocolate Delight
What do you mean we only have 5 minutes left for recess?

We still have ears to nibble on

And puppy meetings

See?  We have important matters to discuss

Well I guess we better start cleaning up
I have the pig

Can we bring it inside?
I gave the cat our stick
Here you go kitty
It is your turn to play fetch now
We have to go inside
It is nap time!
Happy Monday!!!!

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