Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow Sillies

Something about the snow falling at Yesteryear Acres adds a little magic into the day. The trees look enchanted, the ground is covered in a fluffy carpet, and the pond looks like a glacial mass. The day is just full of more zest with each falling snowflake. It seems as if I am not the only one who gets a little more sparkle in their eye with the snow-globe world, the doodles love it too! As soon as the doors open and the doodles run into the wintery wonderland they are full of pizazz. Maverick doodle runs and runs and runs while keeping his tongue out and dragging it along the snowy ground. Olive grabs a stick and flings it so it falls into the snow and she has to go unbury it. Blossom runs and leaps like a gazelle and barks at the snow falling from the sky. Then there is good old fashioned chase, fetch,  and snow tag. There is simply fun for all when there is snow outside! Everyone gets a touch of the snow sillies at Yesteryear Acres, and we like it!! 

Amelia!!! Did you know its snowing!?!? 

Did you know I can hide my stick in the snow?!

And then we can run after it and find it!?


Why snow slow Maverick?

HAHAH!! See what I did there!?

You are snow silly doodles! What a fun day :)

---Always Amelia 

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