Sunday, November 3, 2019

Can't BEET being Thankful! Day 3

We are busy getting our late Autumn veggies in from the garden.  Thankfully we have the best help!
Time to dig up the beets! 
Just put the pitchfork in and..... 
Hank will dig up all the beets! 
No matter how deep they are buried 
Hank will find them 
Another section to dig
"I will get each and every last beet!" 
Hank you did it! 
"Olive, Look at all the beets your brother dug up today" 
I'm the best beet digger around!
Can't Beet this haul! 
Time to start cooking 
One hour later and they are ready for processing 
Who wants to peel a front end loader full of beets????? 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres does!
Can't BEET being thankful for all the hard work! 
Ready for Winter!

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