Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Boys Turn - Thankful Day 6

Marmalade's Double Doodle Boys are great big butterballs!  They are the sweetest lovebugs!  We will miss them when they all go to their new homes this weekend.  We are thankful for all the smiles they bring!
Oh look what I found 
My favorite toy! 
How did he find that so quickly? 
This one is almost as big as I am! 
Let me help you carry it 
Just kidding! 
I love when I do that! 
It looks like the yellow toy is just too big for you
I think I should help you with it 
I am sure you won't miss it 
I will just...... 
pull it out slowly and 
you won't notice at all! 
Hey!  I don't need help! 
I am going to bring it to Amelia! 
We are here! 
We brought our toys 
So you can play with us! 
Amelia gave me the monkey!!!!
I'm getting the dumbbell 
I still have the big yellow toy! 
Oh look what I found... 
The puppy pacifier toy 
Aren't I cute? 
No crying here! 
or here! 
or here! 
Look at MY toy! 
It tried to get away but
I got it! 
Happy Thankful Wednesday!

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