Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Always Amelia is Thankful for! -Thankful Day 20

I am sure that it comes without shock or surprise that I absolutely love to spoil my animals. What is also equally unsurprising is that I am always too busy taking care of our sweet doodle puppies to ever go anywhere. Enter the solver of all problems...! I am thoroughly obsessed and thankful for the best pet service I have ever used. Not only can I find everything I need to keep our doodle doggies happy and healthy, but it DELIVERS RIGHT TO MY HOUSE!!! I mean look at how excited my doodles get when they know they have just received a surprise via mail...
"! This must be for me!"
"Oh that's a big box! I wonder what could be inside!"
From new puzzling fun food dishes
Stimulating new squeaky toys...
Pawliday themed goodies...
To new kitten essentials... makes all the animals and humans excited!
Who doesn't love to order all the pet things you need IN YOUR PAJAMAS!?
I know the Always Amelia Clan does!! And I know a lot of little critters who have been extra good this year!!
I am so thankful to be able to get all the things I need, for the ones that I love so much!
Thank you!!
p.s. To my Brother, Austin- If you are reading this- I am not at all validating my online shopping addiction to Please stop making fun of me and the amount of deliveries I receive. Everyone likes to buy things for their furry family! That is all. 
Well not really, I can't wait for my next box to arrive! 

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