Friday, November 1, 2019

THANKFULNESS NOVEMBER - Thankful Amelia Loves Yesteryear Acres With All Her Heart

Happy November 1st!!! Every year we like to take the month of November to write about things we are thankful for each day. It really helps to reflect on what Thanksgiving is all about- being thankful!! Today we are thankful that Amelia loves Yesteryear Acres with all her heart! 
People always say- you should love what you do
It is just so hard to tell with Amelia....
It only takes one glance behind the scenes of Puppy Picture Monday
to know
for a fact
that Amelia LOVES her job!
Without fail you will hear things like:
"ohmygosh stooooooop! I can't handle the cuteness!!!"
She always gives them so much love
and they always give her that right back!
From puppy belly rubs
to buying them ALL the Chewy toys possible 
Amelia loves the puppies with all her heart
We are so thankful every day for her love of Yesteryear Acres!

Let the month of Thankfulness begin!!

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