Saturday, November 16, 2019

Snow Mail! Thankful Day 16

As always we are so thankful for the many emails, facebook posts and instagram posts about our Yesteryear Acres Doodles.  We LOVE seeing our doodles!  Please keep posting and don't forget to tag Yesteryear Acres so we are sure not to miss all the adorable doodle pictures! Here are a few awesome pictures we received this week of our Doodles enjoying the first snowfall of the season.  Time for SNOW mail!
Nothing is better than freshly fallen snow! 
Everyone knows snow cones are delicious!  
 I love this snow grass! 
Human, do you need a reindeer sock for the snow?
Snowball delivery service!!!!! 
I think I might have missed the part where you ONLY play in the snow
Don't worry!  I clean up nicely!

And the picture of the week goes to......
Have fun winter Doodle Doggies!!!!!
Thanks for the SNOW MAIL!

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