Saturday, November 2, 2019

Day 2 - Thankful to not hear the Question

We have one baby Ernie puppy still available.  
He is the spitting image of Amelia's Ernie!
Here is Baby Ernie when he was 7 weeks old.
He was Blue Pawprints Collar Boy

Here is our available Marmalade Double Doodle Boy

He is Blue Argyle Collar Boy
Amelia LOVES and is thankful for Blue Argyle Collar Boy
She bought Blue Argyle boy the pumpkin 
She taught Blue Argyle to follow her everywhere 
She taught him to love toys
She taught him to Trick or Treat 
She taught Blue Argyle to be a good snuggle puppy
Blue Argyle can't wait to grow up
and be just like Amelia's Ernie 
He has already learned to eat his Cheerios! 
ALL of his Cheerios.....Just Like Ernie 
And he sits - Just Like Ernie  
Blue Argyle Collar Boy - we will be thankful for just the right family to come along and make you their furry best friend. 
Blue Argyle - I know you will be thankful
but I will be most thankful because.....
I will no longer have to hear the question

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