Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Can We Keep Him?

Hey everyone, it's Bri. I demanded that I write today's blog because the MOST exciting thing happened. We got a new furry friend for our kitty, Cricket! (A furry friend for all of us as well). 
I was so excited the entire ride home. All I could think about was how much Cricket was going to love the newest addition to our family.  
He purred while he slept on my lap the whole ride home.
When we finally got him home we all agreed to name him Bali. He has the sweetest face on the planet. 
I am always asking if we can keep every furry creature I find and the answer is usually, "No, Bri." This time however, I think Bali won Austin over when he climbed up his back to play. So, I asked, "Can we please please please keep him?" I finally got the answer I always wanted. 
"Yes, Bri. We can keep him."
Welcome to Yesteryear Acres, Bali! 

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