Monday, July 6, 2015

Is this better?

Grits puppies are getting bigger and are now starting to venture outside.  Grits LOVES going outside with her puppies.  In fact, Grits decided she wanted to help with Puppy Picture Monday.
First Grits had to make sure everyone was all ready for the photo session

"Make sure you get them all Bri"

"Yes Bri!  Just like that.  Hold the puppies still for the camera"

"Ok!  Take the picture!"  
Gee - Thanks Grits!

"Maybe I should go to the other side"

"Hahahaha!  Our Mommy Grits is the best!"


"We are getting good at this!"

"Snuggle Time"

"Summertime fun!"

"Ahhhhh Cool Shade!"

"My turn!"

"Taking pictures is hard work!"

"I think it is time to head back in"

"We need Bri to carry us!"

"Thanks Bri!"

"See you next week!"

"Happy Monday!"

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