Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Around the World in 3 Days

Before this summer I had never had the opportunity to travel. I have always wanted to because I loved the idea of seeing other places and cultures. So, this summer when I had to opportunity to go to Vegas for the Super Zoo I was ecstatic. I was even excited for the plane ride. 
We had the most beautiful plane ride on the way to Vegas. 
We flew over the Colorado Rocky Mountains and had a breathtaking view.
Even though we were only in Colorado for a few minutes before our next flight, I loved every second of it. 
When the Super Zoo closed, we were able to do some sight seeing.
I got to go to Paris!!..... Nevada. 
And I saw the Eiffel Tower! 
Just a hop, skip, and a jump from that was New York City......Nevada. 
Where we saw The Statue of Liberty!
And The Licorice Statue of Liberty! 
And the Jelly Bean Statue of Liberty!
And let's not forget the Hershey Chocolate Statue of Liberty! 
Until next time! 

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