Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Welcome Home!

Late last week, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I got word that our older daughter was returning from her deployment.  She has been gone since early December and we could not wait to welcome her back home.  We arrived at Camp Lejeune bright and early and then waited for the busses to arrive.  Families were gathered around with signs and balloons and American Flags and with each update, the excitement increased.  As soon as we got the word that they were 10 minutes out - everyone got to their feet.  Care packages with tissues, mints and chapstick were passed out to every family member.  No one could stand still and there was a mixture of pure anxiousness, happiness and excitement in the air.  Finally the busses started to arrive and one-by-one the Marines found their loving families.  I spotted my daughter right away and Mr. Yesteryear Acres gave her his famous whistle call and she came running to us.  She jumped up and got the biggest bear hug from her dad. As soon as I saw her - I was glad for the tissues!  Not only was it emotional welcoming back my daughter, but seeing all the husbands hugging wives and sons hugging fathers and daughters hugging daddies and new babies meeting their dads for the first time, there was not a dry eye anywhere.
Welcome home 1st Lt


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