Thursday, July 9, 2015

Poor SUV

Today I had to take Bri to the Doctor for her nursing school physical.  She needs titers run and proof of immunity to various diseases before school starts.  Should be a simple trip right?  Wrong!  About 15 minutes into our journey, our SUV stopped working.  Just like that.  Warning lights.  No engine.  REALLY bad. We were able to coast off the road and get to safety. Thankfully my son was able to come to our rescue and he waited for the tow truck while Bri and I took his truck and hurried to her appointment.  Our SUV is in bad shape.  We needed a flat bed tow and I don't know when we will get it back!  My son was our hero today.  He managed to get our SUV towed safely to the car repair place AND get a ride home while Bri and I got her Nursing Physical done.  Stressful day but thankfully everyone is safe and we are back home once again.

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