Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Everyone loves a smiling zucchini

Despite what can only be called Dreary and Awful and Monsoon type weather......our garden is flourishing. You would think all the vegetables would have found a pontoon or life raft and sailed away by now!  Nope! Our garden is producing delicious heavenly veggies for everyone to enjoy.  Some of the plants are so large that there is a slight chance we have some monstrous zucchini.......

Bri decided that this zucchini was too special to be enjoyed by mere humans.  She had to do something special and share it with the doodle doggies.  Our doodle doggies LOVE zucchini and consider it a delightful treat.
Bri wanted to make sure to make their treat even more special....
Everyone loves a smiling zucchini!
Happy Veggie Day Doggies!

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