Friday, July 31, 2015

Hay Day!

Yesterday we were finally able to get our first cutting of hay in! Mother Nature has made it quite difficult to get the hay done as we needed consecutive days in a row with no rain. However, yesterday couldn't have been a better day to cut hay.
The weather was sooo nice.

The fresh cut hay made for a peaceful view and great picture. 

Scooter was excited because he was finally tall enough to walk through the field. 

After the hay was all cut Austin and I went out into the field to look for golf balls. The very edge of our property sits near a golf course and sometimes the golfers lose their golf balls in our hay field. It's fun to see the different designs on the golf balls and it's always a contest to see who can find the most (I won this time). With the nice weather ahead of us, we should have our hay baled in no time! 

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