Saturday, April 9, 2016

April Showers?

As predicted, winter made a return this morning.  We woke up to huge snowflakes falling from the sky with plummeting temperatures.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I watched the radar and patiently waited for a small little window in the weather system.  As soon as the snow slowed a bit, we hurried to get all the puppies outside for their potty break.

Ummmmmm Excuse us - this is wet and cold!

I don't think I like this

Should we try to see what this white stuff tastes like?

It looks pretty questionable to me

Can we go back inside?
Come on guys!  Let's check this stuff out!

Alright! If you say so!

Well you can still run on the white stuff

And it is fun making snow tracks

Maybe is isn't so bad after all

It is cold - but fun!
My very own snow cone


I found a big pile of snow

I am still tasting it

So much to do!

Maybe if I sneak up
ever so slowly 
and wait patiently

I will catch the snowflake!

I think I am done playing now

Me too 
Me three! 
Let's go back inside where it is warm 
Can you carry me?

Wait for us!

I want a warm blanket!

Yuck!  No more snow for me!

Hurry up guys!
This is not the time for picture taking!

The big snow is coming!

Even the flowers are hiding

April Showers?

We thought that meant rain!
Hope you enjoyed our Puppy Visit Snow Day!

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