Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Goose Daddy

The Mommy Goose back by our pond hasn't moved for weeks.  She is faithfully sitting on her nest waiting for her little goslings to be born.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres thinks she has at least 6-7 eggs in her nest.
She is a good little goose mommy.
Most animal/bird mommies are attentive devoted caring mommies. Many of the Daddy animals....well let's just say, they have other things to do.  I often have families come here and think the Daddy Dog of their new puppy is somehow super connected to his puppies.  It just doesn't work that way.  Daddy dogs aren't big on having little puppies follow them around trying to nurse where they shouldn't be trying to nurse.  The paternal bond isn't all that strong and the Daddy doggies aren't really interested in their puppies.  
The same cannot be said for our Daddy Goose! 
There he sits far enough away to fend off any predators but close enough to keep a watchful eye on his babies.  He lies there all day watching and keeping guard.

I love how he thinks we can't see him.  He is so stealth like! He has been there for the past few weeks fending off anything that comes close to the nest.  Even our horses! 
He is a really good Goose Daddy. 
and soon....his little babies will be born!

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