Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Double Eleven!

Our two new mama dogs have gone above and beyond in delivering their cute bundles of joy.  Sweet Pea and Barkley are the proud parents of eleven beautiful Goldendoodle puppies.  Grits and Waffles are the proud parents of eleven beautiful Double Doodle Puppies.  We have oodles of doodles to love!  The puppies are all doing great and both Grits and Sweet Pea are awesome Mommies. Here are the new arrivals!
Grits Double Doodle Puppies

Grits didn't want to wait for her due date

She said I am ready NOW!

and then one by one

11 Beautiful Double Doodle Puppies were born




of joy

Sweet Pea said, "Don't forget about me!"

 I am ready to have my Goldendoodle Puppies Now

and so one

by one

Eleven Beautiful



were born!

Such Blessings
Thank you Grits and Sweet Pea!!!!


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