Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Pond

I may have mentioned all the lovely rain we have been getting here at Yesteryear Acres.  We haven't really been blessed with actual Spring weather quite yet. Between the snow and the rain combined with the super cold temperatures, it feels more like a lingering winter.  The good news though is that our pond level is getting back to where it should be. The water level had gotten so low that our dock looked out of place and our spillway pipe was sticking really far out of the water. We were worried about all the fish surviving.  Last winter we suffered a huge loss in fish.  This spring however......
Things are looking good!  The fish all made it through the winter and our pond level has been steadily rising.  It is almost where it should be.

We have happy fish!
We would love to walk all the way around the pond but

We are stuck on this end

because right in front of that rock, a Canadian Goose is busy nesting.  She has 3 eggs in her nest so pretty soon we will have little goslings around the pond.  Enjoy our happy pond Mrs. Goose.  We look forward to the new arrivals! 

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