Monday, April 11, 2016

Mmmmm Muddy Leaves!

Even though today's weather wasn't quite ideal, the puppies didn't mind at all! There were far too many adventures to stay inside all day!
Once upon a time, there were very clean and fluffy puppies
And they were carried outside one by one 
Where wet grass and muddy puddles were beckoning
......come play!
First thing we must do is to find muddy wet leaves 

We must rid the yard of all these leaves

Let's gather them all

Got one!

me too!

This one is super muddy

Such hard work!

I am rescuing this leaf from a mud puddle

I have a good one
Who Me?  I didn't eat the flowers!
We must search for a nice dry warm lap
That way we can wipe off our muddy paws
She doesn't suspect a thing

...and wiping my paw
That's better!

I think we should just hang out here  

I love snuggling
Let's rest up here

and then

Back to the leaves!

You guys ready yet?

Not quite

It just feels so good

and cuddly
Give me just one more minute
That's better

Okay we are ready!
For a nap!
Time to go back inside!
Wait.... are you SURE we have to go back in?
Did you say snack time?!!!
We better head back in
That way we can do this again later today!
Happy Monday!

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