Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Maternity Haircut

Today the Mommy-to-Be Doggies all got Maternity Haircuts.  We like to trim the Mommy Doggies' bellies before the new puppies are born.  Some Doodle Doggies have a LOT of hair and it can make it challenging for newborn puppies to find their way to the milk bar.  First up was our Golden Retriever Sugar.  She just needed a quick belly trim and a little under the tail trim.  You could tell she thought she looked fabulous when we were done!  Sugar is getting really close to having her babies!  Since I had clippers and scissors and all the grooming supplies out, I decided Grits could use an all over haircut as well as the maternity trim.
"What do you mean I look Shaggy?"

"I think I look just fine!"

"Alright....trim if you must."

"Hey!  Where did all my hair go????"
I found it!
Looks like I am the one who needs to go to the grooming station now!!!!!

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