Friday, April 1, 2016

Gullible Day

Oh the dreaded April Fool's Day.  Who thought of this idea?  A whole day devoted to pranks and untruths is simply the worst idea ever.  I was barely cognizant this morning when Mr. Yesteryear Acres broke the devastating news that our coffee carafe had broken. NO COFFEE!  Of course, being the type of person who accepts everyone at their word, I immediately began to mourn.  Tears were welling in my eyes when I heard, "April Fools!"  ARGH!  The coffee carafe was just fine and my morning cup of heavenly goodness was sitting there waiting for me.  This was followed by other small "fun" APRIL FOOLS that just had Mr. Yesteryear Acres rolling on the floor.  In fact he said, "I crack myself up."  I said it is a good thing because you are the ONLY one LAUGHING!  My younger daughter is coming for dinner tonight.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres asked me how we will fool her.  I said that I am not playing but I don't think he heard me.  Dear Daughter - RUN!  Your dad is waiting.  And in case you were, we didn't get a baby calf and the calf isn't in the barn waiting for you to give it a bottle.  The picture is a lie!   And my dearest Bri.... Mr. Yesteryear Acres did not get you a bunny.  And for my son, just in case there was the slightest chance you could be fooled, there are no ostrich eggs in the incubator.  Is it tomorrow yet?

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