Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gone Again

We didn't even get to have our son home for an entire week before he was gone again. It was so nice having him home and the shortened week just flew by so quickly.  We spent every moment we could catching up and hearing all about our son's adventures in Illinois.  His internship position kept him quite busy during the work week and then each weekend he ended up helping several farmers with their workload.  He learned so much from his experience and we are grateful he had such an amazing opportunity. Of course, just about the moment that having our son home again felt was time for him to go back to college. He left early this morning to begin his sophomore year in Agricultural Systems Management.  We were all super sad to watch him walk out the door.  His doggie has not moved since he left and will likely stay like this all day long.
I know just how you feel Olive Doggie.
I know just how you feel.

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