Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Root of it All

Hello Everyone! It's Amelia Reporting from Yesteryear Acres!

Today my Dad and I spent a majority of our day in the garden. It was time to pick ALL of our root vegetables. We had two kinds of onions, beets, and potatoes to pick. Fortunately we got quite a haul!!! This evening we are boiling and packing all the beets that way we can enjoy a taste of summer any time we want for the rest of the year. I know, right now you are wondering what it is like to dig up root veggies in 90 degree weather and process them for the year?! Luckily I took many pictures so that friends and family not currently dyed pink from beets would not feel left out :)

Step 1 - Pick the Veggies

Look at our awesome Haul!!! 

Time to go Process the Roots

Look at our BEET-UTIFUL bed of veggies 

Step 2- Get the beets clean. Luckily my Dad and I had lots of help!

Even Dottie was ready to prepare the beets

Cleaning- Farm Style

Look how they shine!

Step 3- Boiling the Beets

Ready to be peeled!

We have 3 more big pots to go

Step 4- Cooling the beets... AKA Try not to burn your hands while peeling
Step 5- Peeling

My Dad is an Expert Peeler

Peeled and ready to be bagged!
Our only golden beet to make it!

Step 6- Vacuum Packing the Beets-- Ready for the Freezer!

Now it is time to repeat steps 2 through 6!

Let's hear it for the roots!!

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