Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Be Safe.....With Love

Last year we spent most of the year missing our older daughter while she was deployed.  It was a long hard absence. Now we prepare to miss her boyfriend as he heads out for his deployment until next Spring. It too will be a long hard absence. We will keep the home fires burning and keep him in our hearts as he sacrifices his own happiness and the comforts of home in defending our country.
We will miss you for so many reasons but what brings our hearts the most joyful gratitude is that our daughter feels like this
with you in her life

You are her person
and our hearts are with you 
We Wait.  We Hope.  We Pray. 
Until You Are Home Again.
Be Safe.....With Love

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  1. Be a smart, safe Marine! You are very fortunate to have someone waiting for you! Our prayers go with you!


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