Saturday, August 6, 2016

That's One Way to Reset Your Clock

This morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres planned on slowly adjusting back to the Eastern Time Zone.  8:00am here would feel like 5:00am to him so that was a good goal to shoot for. Well let's just say, there was no chance to sleep in today.  Early this morning, we had to rush to get Mr. Yesteryear Acres because there was a dump truck in our yard.  It was still running with no one inside and had crashed into our creek!
This was the sight this morning.
The dump truck took out the street sign, barely missed our newly planted magnolia trees and came barreling through our yard only to stop dead in the creek bed. 
We were quite popular.....sheriffs, police cars, firetrucks, tow men - we had them all! 
There was a screwdriver in the ignition, so there it sat, still running, with no one there.  It looks like someone stole the truck, set it in gear up the hill and watched it careen downhill into our creek.  Our poor tree took a big hit!
Evidently the adage, "Finders Keepers" doesn't apply to found dump trucks in the backyard.  Goodbye dump truck.  Good morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Now that's one way to reset your clock!!!!!  Welcome back to Eastern Standard Time!

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