Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oh Yeah......The Garden

Bri and I have been working from early morning until late at night taking care of all things at Yesteryear Acres. It is a really big job without Mr. Yesteryear Acres help. We haven't had much time to sit down and have been working up quite a sweat these past few days.  Tonight we remembered.....the GARDEN!  Oh yeah.  We were supposed to keep on top of that as well!
Look how beautiful and tall the corn is!!!!
There might be a small chance we should have been out in the garden sooner.

Anyone need a Yellow Squash to feed a small village?
We have 3 baskets of cucumbers. Hey Bri, how about cucumbers for dinner? And breakfast? And lunch?
My most favorite gifts from our garden.  
It is tomato time!!!!!!
Looks like we will have to come back again and work in the garden tomorrow.
There are at least 4 laundry baskets of beans to pick!!!!!!!
Thank you garden for the bountiful harvest!!!!!

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