Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Reason Number 8,921 Why Doodle Dogs Are Awesome

There are thousands upon thousands of reasons why having a Doodle Doggie Buddy is awesome. If I started listing each reason in this blog, I couldn't possibly be done before the end of the week! Doodle Doggie best friends are simply - the best!  They are always there for you.  They always have a smile on their face and make sure you have one too.  They love you with all their doggie hearts. No matter what, you can count on having a Doodle Doggie to be right by your side. The list of Doodle Doggie awesomeness is almost never-ending but reason number 8,921 why Doodle Doggies are awesome is clean kitchen! There is a very good chance that last night as I was walking to the refrigerator with a bowl of sauce..... there is a very good chance that upon reaching the refrigerator, the bowl of sauce toppled from my hands and splattered across the refrigerator onto the floor and all over the counter behind me.  Now I am not saying this ACTUALLY happened to me, because of course then I would have to admit that I am a klutz and couldn't possibly make it to the refrigerator without dropping the sauce but if by chance I did drop said sauce, reason number 8,921 came into play. Just as I may have yelled, "OH NOOOOOOO!" our Doodle Doggies sprang into action.  They clearly were saying, "Don't worry!  We got this!"  Before I could even get the rags and sponges and kitchen cleaner, our Doodle Doggies were fast at work making the refrigerator sparkle and shine!  I am pretty sure if it weren't for their tail-wagging devotion, I would still be busy cleaning the sauce from every nook and cranny! With their help and a little kitchen cleaner to finish the job - I was done in no time!  Thanks Doodle Doggies.  That is Reason Number 8,921 why I love you so much!

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