Friday, August 12, 2016

That's Corny

It is a hard act to follow spending an evening harvesting beets but have no fear.  Last night, we topped Beet night.  We knew it was coming..........
This was the scene awaiting us yesterday afternoon. 
Oh my gosh Bri......IT IS SWEET CORN DAY!!!!! 
The first picking of the sweet corn. 
Hey Bri - when we are done husking all those ears, we have more rows to pick! 
The official "Corn Dog" of the day! 
The husk pile was taller than the table 
Pretty good first harvest. We had just about 25 dozen ears ready to process.
Time to get serious.  Had to blanch the 300 ears of corn and then cut all the corn off the cobs.  We finished processing our first harvest sweet corn right before midnight and got the kitchen cleaned by 1:00am.
Total count = 81 pints of sweet corn for the winter!
That's a good start!!!! 
And a lasting memory too. Note to ring finger is NOT a corn cob.
Good times at Yesteryear Acres.
Maybe tomorrow we can do green beans!

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