Monday, August 1, 2016

On Your Heels

OH my goodness the puppies grew so much while I was gone!  I didn't arrive home last night until almost 2am.  We had a maintenance issue with our plane, had to deplane after we had sat on the broken plane for an hour and then finally got a replacement aircraft only to sit on the runway forever!  It was one long day!!!  Today however was awesome.  I got to spend my day playing with doodle puppies!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow I will post lots of Blossom Goldendoodle Puppy Pictures so today's blog will feature Marmalade's Double Doodle puppies. Just look how adorable they are!!!
Individual Puppy Pictures are okay but.....
Can we go play now? 
Off to the races!

Gosh this is fun 
Run Run Run!

You want us to follow you?

Like this?

We got it now!

Following you is easy

We are right on your heels

Let's tag her!

Tag! You are it!

Ha ha ha! That was funny wasn't it?

Let's see if Mr. Yesteryear Acres likes that game

Just sneak up behind him

Watch out for his feet!

Oh we have him now!

Oh Mr. Yesteryear Acres........

Tagged you!

Aren't you glad we found you?

Wanna play again?


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