Sunday, August 14, 2016

Much Needed Rain

We have not had any rain here for what seems like forever.  Every time the forecast calls for rain - somehow the rain clouds miss us completely.  In town - they get rain.  At my daughter's house - rain.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents' house - rain.  The other day it was raining on the field behind us and not a drop fell on Yesteryear Acres.  Today, the drought ended.  We woke up to rain.  We had breakfast while it rained.  We ate lunch while it rained.  We ran a few errands in the rain.  The pond was so happy to feel rain.  The garden was delighted for the rain shower.  The yard danced with joy with each rain drop.
And do you know why today is the only day we have had rain for weeks?
Do you know who to thank for the bountiful watering from above?
It is simple. All the farms and gardens and yards and flowers in Ohio and Indiana that got rain today can thank my son because today is the day he drove home from Illinois.... with all his belongings... AND his the back of his truck.
You are welcome farmers.

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