Friday, July 28, 2017

Hey! What are you Doing? How About Now?

My week with Beckett will soon be coming to a close. He's the most energetic, rambunctious, life loving puppy I have ever met. He is really starting to become the best boy! We have worked really hard to stop chewing/nipping, leash pulling, and sleeping in the crate. I feel like my week with Beckett can be perfectly summed up in these pictures...
Hey Amelia... What are you doing?

What does it mean to brush your teeth? Can I help??

Now what are you doing? What's in that bag?

Oh my gosh! MY TOYS! I love them!!! I like that bag you have there.

When can we go feed the fish? 

Did you want me to get closer? I would love to lick your face!

YESSSS! It IS time to feed the fish! I am the smartest doodle ever!

Oh man I need a nap....

How much longer do we need to sit at this computer? Because I am done napping now...

Another walk!? YESSS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Oh my goodness you taste delicious!! Thank you for another big day of fun!

Give me an hour and I'll be ready to go again!!

I just love your happy puppy-self Beckett! Here's to finishing up this week with more goofball puppy fun!



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