Monday, July 17, 2017

Hello...It's Me!

Last night I realized something horrible......My emails have not been sending!  Since last TUESDAY!  Evidently every email that I have responded to that originated directly from the website never actually sent.  The emails are not in my Sent Folder.  They are not in my Draft folder. They are not in my Outbox. They are GONE.  I tried various ways of sending emails and it looks as though the emails send and then "POOF" gone.  Nothing.  I am so very sorry if it appears as if I have not answered your emails.  I did - they just disappeared.  I am working on solving this with my exchange server but until then, please don't hesitate to email me again! Due to the server error and seemingly lack of responses on my end....we do have available Clementine Doodle Puppies.  We have 2 girls still available and ready for their new homes next Saturday. Today's blog will be devoted to Clementine's adorable pups and tomorrow will be Marmalade's Double Doodle puppy picture day. Here are this week's Clementine Puppy pictures.....
Clementine's Light Apricot Boy
and the Dark Apricot Boy 
Ms. Cherry Blossom Collar Girl 
Isn't she adorable??? 
"Why Thank You!" 
Apple Collar Girl 
Flower Collar Girl 
Cherry Blossom doing the sneak attack
"Heh Heh Heh... gets them every time!" 
"It wasn't me!" 
Pink Collar Girl 
She is so snuggly 
and sweet! 
Flower Collar Girl 
Loving the cool shade! 
Best buddies 
"Where did everybody go?" 
"Here I am!" 
Upside Down Kiss! 
Orange Collar Girl 
Hello! It's me!  
Another fun day! 

Time to go back inside! 
Happy Monday!!!!!!

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