Sunday, July 9, 2017

White Golden Retriever Puppies

We have a special litter of White Golden Retriever puppies.  Most of these puppies are already spoken for and several are slated for therapy and/or service work.  We had a long list of families and organizations hoping for an excellent purebred Golden Retriever to add to their program and here they are!  Please let us know if you know of someone looking for a service doggie.  We have 2 more puppies from this litter that will be donated as therapy doggies!
McGyver is the Proud Papa of our 10 Golden Retriever Puppies 
Our Golden Lily is the Mommy 
Haven't you always wanted a lap full of mini polar bear puppies??? 
They are the sweetest bunch of marshmallow lovebugs! 
And so cute!!!! 
Pure White Beauties! 
We are having so much fun with them 
An armful of puppy love! 
We love you Amelia!

I am going to be a big helper when I grow up!

Me too! 
Little Puppy....You will go on to do great things!!!!


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