Saturday, July 22, 2017

Special Flower Visitors

Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres called me outside to look at some cool hummingbirds. We watched them dance around our hanging flower plants. Gazing at them flitter so quickly around the flowers I thought... Hmmm it is weird that hummingbirds are out this late at night... Upon closer examination we saw that our fast hummingbird friends were in fact moths!!! I have never in my life heard of a hummingbird moth! But here we were outside looking at the coolest insect I have ever seen. They flew around so quickly that they almost left a blurry streak in their wake. Here is our best picture of our special flower visitors...

Yep. That there folks is proof of our very own Yesteryear Acres Hummingbird Moth Doodles.

Don't believe me?

Look again...


Welcome to Yesteryear Acres hummingbird moths! We hope you come back soon to visit!



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