Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Marmalade's Models

Marmalade's delightful double doodles are starting to grow into their paws and are developing their own unique personalities. They were quite the models this week. I think they really wanted to show off just how adorable they are becoming!
The boys were ready to demonstrate how handsome they are

Aren't we just adorable?!

Pssst... Hey! Do you see those things over there?

Umm, excuse me... I was over there getting my picture taken and I just wanted to come over and say hi... And also what are you?

OH MY GOSH! Is that a spot!? I have one too! Did we just become best friends? I think we just became best friends!! Kittens and puppies do that right?

I heard it was tongue out Tuesday.... How am I doing?

Let's take a picture together! And POSE!

Don't you just want to cuddle with us?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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