Monday, July 24, 2017

Oh My Darling Clementine!

Happy Puppy Picture Monday!! Clementine's darling little doodles are getting ready for their big adventure home this weekend. Who doesn't love puppy pick up day?! I cannot wait to see all the happy families as they pick up their furry babies, as well as the happy fluffy faces of the doodles as they meet their furever homes! It has been quite rainy here at Yesteryear Acres, so when we FINALLY got a break in the storms, it was time for a bit puppy romp outside!
YAY! The ground is finally dry enough to play! RUUUUN!!!!!!

Wait! Did you hear something?? 

It sounds like my best friend Mittens! Let's go find him!

Um excuse me.... Are you sure it's dry enough for me to come down? I positively hate to get my paws wet

Oh yes! We promise! It's PURRRfect for playing! Hehehe see what I did there

Oh shall we play tag?!

Okay, but first I need a Belly rub...

Uh Amelia!? Are you done rubbing my belly?

Oh man... all this recess is making me sleepy! Let's take a nap instead!

Happy Puppy Picture Monday! 

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