Monday, July 31, 2017

Marmalade's Marvelous Monday

Happy Puppy Picture Monday!!! Yes it's finally my favorite day of the week! Today's stars are Marmalade's Marvelous Double Doodles Puppies! They have grown so much and are now able to sport their own individual collars. They thought they were quite the cool doodles in town! They are loving solid food and are eating like champs. Here are Ms. Marmalade's Double Doodle cuties...
OH!! Look at me! Aren't I just adorable now?! I love being Mr. Peacock Collar Boy!

I love my black pawprints collar! It matches my spot!
I am a handsome rainbow!

Amelia likes to call me Santa Paws since I have white toes. She gave me a Red Bandana collar to match!

I'm going to see what collar my brother got...

Oh I love your Apple collar!

SLURP! You don't taste like apples though...

Aren't we just marvelous?! 

Happy Monday everyone!



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