Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Adventures of Coda Bear

This week I had the privilege of spending some time training, cuddling, and playing with Coda Bear puppy!! He is such a well-behaved puppy and picked up on training very quickly! Coda Bear already knows how to sit, lay down, come, and wait for the food dish politely. He is such a fur ball full of fun and had a great time on the Yesteryear Acres Farm with his new big dog friends!
I can drink out of the water bucket like a big dog!

Oh wow! Mr.Yesteryear did you make the fish do that?!

I think I live up to my Coda BEAR name quite well!

I even made big dog friends here!

 Humans make great cuddle buddies and pillows too
Ahhh nap time after a long day of hard work on the farm

Gator ride!! I am a BONE-fied farm dog now!!!!
Thanks for spending time with me Coda Bear! I had fun on our adventures and you are such a great farm dog!



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