Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Friend

Today I was emailed a poem from one of my daughter's friends - it was written about her. It really touched me and got me thinking ... If you find one best friend in life you are indeed truly blessed. A best friend sticks with you through both the hard times and the fun times. A best friend knows you inside and out and appreciates you for who you are. A best friend doesn't try to change you but rather accepts you; faults and all. We all make many friends throughout our lifetime. Some come and some go. Some are great fun to hang out with and some you can count on to always be a part of your life but a best friend is different. You think of them first when times are bad. You don't even need to ask for a shoulder to cry on because it is already there. The second something wonderful happens you can't wait to share your news and you know without a doubt they will be just as happy as you are. Yes, if you find one best friend in life you are undoubtedly lucky. I feel the luckiest of all because I found my best friend in life...and married him :) And now we spend our days together surrounded by lots of furry best friends who are always glad to see us, give us the best shoulders to cry on, and are always right by our side as we welcome all that life has to offer.

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