Friday, March 12, 2010


I love Fridays. They make me happy. I am not sure why that is because I never get a day off of work and I work just as hard on Saturdays and Sundays - but there is just something about Friday that makes you think WEEKEND, just like you did as a child. Remember when you couldn't wait for Saturday morning with CARTOONS on TV!? I know it isn't as special now because at any given moment of any day, you can find cartoons on TV but back in the day, you actually had to wait until Saturday before you could watch cartoons. My favorites were the School House Rock segments in between the cartoon shows. I can still sing the entire Preamble to the Constitution word for word because of School House Rock. Saturdays meant it was time to play and unwind and get a pat on the back for working hard all week. Saturdays are pretty fun for the puppies too. The kids are home from school and the puppies have fun playing with them. My son in particular spends a lot of his time playing with the puppies. I suppose his "FRIDAY!!" means PUPPIES!!! I think that just might be better than cartoons. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!


  1. So true. The "saturday morning cartoon" concept is lost on my son. Probably equates it with us having to walk 2 miles to school up hill BOTH ways in the snow and having NO computers. I'm sure he's glad that wasn't him, but why dwell on these things? I'm sure he wishes he had PUPPIES to play with though!!!

  2. Renee you write so beautifully and your words always bring a smile to my face. You show such joy in everyday things and truthfully when those hum drum every day chores are in jeopardy through illness or circumstances we realize what a blessing every day can be. Thank you for reminding us of that.



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