Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I get the nicest mail from people who have gotten puppies from us. It is always the highlight of my day to open my inbox and see emails with adorable puppy and doggie photos attached. Sometimes I get monthly updates and get to watch our puppies grow, other times I don’t hear from families for years and then get the happiest email with the most awesome photos. I am pretty good at remembering exactly which puppy they brought home down to the colored ribbon their puppy wore. It is so much fun to see a pictorial essay of our sweet puppies growing over the years. Doodles come in as many different varieties and flavors as you can imagine. We get short scruffy “Benji” type coats and long wavy “sheepdog” type coats. Some are curly, some are straight. We get chocolates, vanillas, cafes and apricots. Some doodles have long legs and others have boxy square heads. Once in a while we have a doodle that has some parts very poodley and other parts totally retriever. Yep – there is a doodle for everyone!!! There is one common thread that binds all the doodles together and that thread is love. Doodles just are wonderful givers of unconditional love. They love us every minute of every day of every week of every year without fail. They love to be part of the family and give all the admiration and devotion they have to give. And when I open my email inbox, I get to see all the love my doodles get in return. It is Doodle awesome! Thank you!

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