Sunday, March 14, 2010

Favorite Thing of The Day

We have a tradition in our family that each night at the dinner table we share what our favorite thing of the day was. Sometimes it is really easy to think of your favorite thing of the day... "My favorite thing of the day was when you surprised me and cleaned all the dishes!" Once in a while so many wonderful things happen it is hard to pinpoint just exactly what was THE favorite thing of the day. "Hmm was it breakfast in bed, watching a movie together or the fantastic dinner???" Other times, you have to really dig deep and maybe even get a little creative to come up with a favorite thing of the day. It might be that you were grateful to have stepped in puppy poop with only one foot instead of both feet. Or you might be particularly grateful for the one puppy that didn't have an accident on the kitchen floor - rather than focusing on the 8 puppies that did. Or when washing 10 loads of laundry you are grateful that you do have puppies and family that make the dirty laundry. The best part about sharing the favorite thing of the day is that you can really learn what makes the other members of your family happy. You might think you know what their favorite thing of the day was, only to find out it was something small - perhaps insignificant to you- that really made them feel happy. Then your favorite thing can be to make more moments like that happen. It all comes full circle and can really change your outlook on life - because the focus of each day is thinking about what brings you joy. And if you are searching for joy, you are sure to find it.

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