Saturday, March 20, 2010

In search of.....COFFEE!

So this morning I left the house bright and early so that I could drive my daughter to the other side of the world for an ACT test. Was there a testing site within 50 miles of my house? Nooooooo. But being the good mommy that I am, I was up at the crack of dawn (the puppies did say "HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING? CAN WE COME WITH YOU? ARE YOU GOING OUT???!!!") and proceeded to drive my daughter to the ACT site. I armed myself with the essentials: iPod, laptop, and cell phone and decided I would find a lovely coffee cafe for the duration of the test and diligently work on my puppy website and emails and of course the daily blog report. We arrived at the ACT site on time and after I said my goodbyes, I politely asked my GPS to find the nearest Caribou Coffee or Starbucks. BINGO - A Starbucks within .7 miles! YES! So I set the Starbucks as my new destination and headed off. Within minutes my friendly GPS announces "Arriving at Destination". I look around - NO Starbucks. None. Zip. Nada. My GPS then starts yelling "TURN AROUND. MAKE A U-TURN!" So of course I listen to my GPS and TURN AROUND only to find the same NOTHING that was there the first time. Hmmm. So I ask again, "Dear Friendly Trip Advising GPS - PLEASE locate the nearest Starbucks or Caribou Coffee". Once again - YES! A Starbucks can be found .4 miles from your current location. OKAY! Happiness is just 1/2 mile away. I head off, dreaming of my caramel macchiato with extra caramel. Calories be damned today!
Again I hear the magic words, "Arriving at Destination!" YES! Okay. Where is it? Again NO STARBUCKS! Now I am getting desperate. I again PLEAD with my GPS....."Dear not so friendly GPS THAT IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHERE THINGS ARE LOCATED, PLEASE PLEASE FIND ME COFFEE. ANY COFFEE! I need my coffee!!!!" Success! There is a Wild Bean Cafe in .3 miles! Wild Bean? That sounds promising! So I head off towards Wild Bean. I am sure many of you are laughing right now. Maybe even rolling on the floor as you are imagining me heading towards that famous coffee house where I can sit and type and work with lovely coffee house music and Wi-Fi and maybe even a fireplace! As I hear the GPS announce, "Arriving at Destination" all that I can see is a BP Gas Station - where is my lovely coffee house?? Yep. You got it. Wild Bean Cafe IS the BP Gas Station. Alrighty. I am thinking that for the entire 4.5 hour duration of the ACT testing, I will be driving aimlessly in search of ONE...CUP....OF.....COFFEE...(I am now thinking caramel AND Whipped cream!!!!) So ONCE AGAIN, I ask my DUMB and NOT SO SMART GPS system to locate a REAL Starbucks Coffee House and I get 3 locations, and, because I CAN LEARN - I CALL the Starbucks locations BEFORE I head off. The first 2 are located inside Grocery Stores but the third is a genuine coffee house and they welcome me on the phone and say come on over! JOY! Caffeine! Heaven! YES! So I arrived and got my delicious Caramel Macchiato - GRANDE - with TONS of extra Caramel AND Whipped CREAM! Mmmmmmmmm
Now to upload tons of new puppy pictures to our website and make other people as happy as I am sitting here with my delicious and much longed for cup of happiness.

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