Thursday, March 18, 2010


Did you know that spring is just around the corner? I mean it is really really close! After this winter, I think we are all looking forward to spring. Spring means flowers, and green grass, and flying kites, and picnics, and fishing, and mushroom hunting, and playing outside with puppies. Spring is awesome. The world is all anew again. It is almost impossible to take a walk outside in springtime without feeling utter fulfillment by the sheer natural beauty the world has to offer. The world is alive with new flower buds, little green sprouts on the trees, and the sweet fresh smells of nature. A long walk in the woods can clear out the winter cobwebs from the brain and rejuvenate the soul. I love to take our dogs out walking in the spring. The second I say "Do you want to go for a walk?" .. the dogs answer me by dancing and twirling in circles as if to say "OH BOY OH BOY YES!!!!" They love to romp through the fields and bound down the trails with happiness. If you take a moment to look closely - you will witness pure unadulterated joy. The dogs are thinking of nothing but living in the moment. Frolicking in the springtime wonders. We should all welcome spring with the same enthusiasm. HELLO SPRING!!!!!! GLAD YOU ARE HERE!!!!!!

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