Friday, March 19, 2010


Puppies have a lot to say. They like to start talking as soon as the sun comes up and have things to say throughout the day. To the novice, it sounds very much like this..."bark, bark, barkbark, bark, BARK, barkbarkbark, bark, bark." But to the trained ear, it goes something like this, "HEY! Did you see that? THE SUN IS UP! YEA! It is morning time. I love morning time. Don't you love morning time? Morning Morning Morning Time! I wonder if our human mommy will get up soon. OH I hope so I hope so I hope so. I am hungry. I want to go outside and go to the bathroom. I want my breakfast. Hey, where is my toy? I want my toy! Let's wrestle instead! YEA Let's all wrestle until our human mommy wakes up....WE ARE WRESTLING! WE ARE PLAYING! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO WAKE UP! OH MY GOSH! Here she comes!!!! HI Human Mommy! Good morning! We are so happy to see you. Want us to sing you a song? BARK BARK BARK BARK. Why aren't you smiling human mommy? It is already 6:36am! Haven't you had your coffee yet? I don't think she has had her coffee yet do you? MOMMY GET SOME COFFEE! Then come back and play with us!!! I think we should grab her pajamas and give it a little tug. I am sure our human mommy will love it if we pull on her jammies!! GOOD IDEA! WHOA- HUMAN MOMMY DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL! Maybe we will should just sit here quietly and wait until after she has had her coffee........NAH!!! GOOD MORNING HUMAN MOMMY!!!!!! It's another beautiful day!!!!!!"
Aren't you glad I translated that for you?

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