Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smile - with sprinkles on top!

Spreading happiness is something pretty easy to do. If you bring a smile with you wherever you go, you are sure to see smiles in return. I try my best to always be kind and cheerful in all that I do. I never hesitate to give the checkout person at the grocery store my biggest smile and give them wishes for a good day. I am nice to the gas station attendant, the bank teller, waitresses, waiters – whoever I meet. I firmly believe in bringing happiness with me and I hope to share a little bit of good tidings in each day. Smiles are contagious and if you take the time to pass one on, who knows how many other people will get smiles of their own. Today I was talking to the person serving me ice cream and I thanked him by name for my scoop of goodness and he was so shocked I knew his name. He asked me how I knew him and I told him I didn’t, I just read his name tag. He was really happy by that simple gesture – and then he shared some happiness right back with me as he added an extra gigantic scoop of sprinkles to my cone. So share your smiles!! Share the happiness!!! You never know when some happiness will be sprinkled right back upon you. Here’s hoping for lots of sprinkles in your life!!!

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