Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TV watching

How many of you remember the old shows on TV like Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver & Lassie? Well I remember them like it was yesterday.....or even today. Yes, on any given morning the first thing I hear when I walk into the kitchen is "Hello, I'm Mr. Ed" I then spend the next hour with "A horse is a horse of course of course..." stuck in my head. Why you ask? Well because my husband is in love with shows that occurred before the advent of COLOR. And no, my husband isn't over the age of 50 remembering fond childhood memories or something sentimental like that - he really likes those shows. I mean really. He loves how the Beaver always somehow messes up but then learns that important lesson from his dear old dad. He laughs at the crazy antics of that talking horse and adores the camaraderie in the town of Maybury. When my daughters were younger and had to write down their favorite TV shows for a school assignment, while everyone else wrote down Sponge Bob or Friends or something like that, mine wrote down Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. I actually had one teacher write back "What is I Dream of Jeannie?"
I used to be really outnumbered as all 3 kids would side with their dad and tell me how much they love his TV shows and "Daddy picks out the best shows!" My husband would say "just look at the kids....they really LOVE Lassie!!!" And of course, as you can guess, Lassie always won. I mean who can resist 3 kids (well 3 kids and a husband) with their faces glued to the TV wondering if Lassie would save the day?! I was clearly never going to change the channel with everyone giving me the sad puppy eyes. As my kids grew older, slowly the tide turned and TV shows with color and action and mystery and suspense started making appearances on the TV. Evening TV watching was now reserved for current shows. Or so I thought. Because last night I walked in on my son and husband and doggies watching a black and white movie with Danny Kaye and I was getting ready to change the channel when unbeknownst to me.....I was again about to be outnumbered. Evidently Phoebe, our pregnant doggie, LOVES Danny Kaye or at least that is what my husband told me. Phoebe totally went along with the ruse as she was sitting with all her attention on the TV all snuggled up in my husband's lap. And I heard, "Just look at Phoebe.....she really LOVES Danny Kaye!!!"
OKAY... I believe the dogs and I will get to the living room first tonight. I am going to have a serious talk with them and I am pretty darn sure they are all going to LOVE Survivor. I think Phoebe in particular will find Jeff Probst to be soothing and comforting. Just to be sure, I think I will bring the puppies in with me for extra support! Tonight the TV will be mine!!!!!


  1. And don't forget McDreamy after that. I'm sure Phoebe will LOVE McDreamy, way more than Ed. Good luck!!!

  2. I'm with Darwin! What's your opinion of That Girl? I can't find that anywhere!

  3. I'm with Darwin! What about "That Girl"? I can't find that show anywhere?


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